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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Engagement is a complex and multi-faceted term Atlwest Communications (a Division of Atlheritage Services Corp.) uses to incorporate a variety of specialized services they provide. Stakeholder engagement is a major component to almost every proposed development that requires permitting and/or licensing.  We continually strive to build solid and trust worthy relationships with all stakeholders involved (e.g. local communities, First Nations, local groups, corporations and government officials) with any project we work on.  Atlwest Communications offers a variety of services to ensure our clients projects succeed:  

  • Indigenous Engagement & Consultation 
  • Public Participation Sessions
  • Open Houses
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Responsibility Strategies
  • Engagement Websites & Online Tools
  • Facilitation & Event Coordination
  • Procurement Strategies 
  • Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation & Mediation
  • Records Management
  • Cultural Asset Mapping
  • Traditional Land Use Studies
  • Traditional Ecological Studies  

Atlwest Communications assists clients with the planning and development on projects of all scales including major resource projects (potash mines, energy pipelines, electrical generation facilities etc.) to small resource projects (land access, well sites, access roads etc.). Our clients include engineering firms, resource development companies, First Nations, urban and rural municipalities and governments.

We welcome the opportunity to complete your stakeholder engagement requirements.  Please contact Brad Schiele (306.242.2822; to discuss your companies engagement needs.