Heritage Division

Atlheritage believes in protecting and preserving our heritage for future generations.  We understand and appreciate developments, which is why we work closely with our clients to ensure regulatory heritage requirements (e.g. Heritage Resources Impact Assessments) are professionally and efficiently completed to ensure Heritage Clearance is achieved well in advance of construction schedules.

Atlheritage's Heritage Division consists of a group of respected archaeologists with extensive heritage assessment experience across the Prairies.  Our team is managed by Mike Markowski (Principal Archaeologist) and supported by Brad Schiele (Senior Archaeologist), Eliann Guinan (Archaeologist), GIS and field staff. 

Our areas of expertise include:

Heritage Resources Impact Assessments (HRIAs)

Heritage Resources Impact Assessment-Mitigation (HRIA-M)

Archaeological Monitoring and Post-Impact HRIAs

Heritage Resource Reviews/Heritage Resource Review Referral Forms

Cemetery Mapping and Management

Traditional Land Use Studies

Atlheritage welcomes the opportunity to complete your HRIA requirement. 

Please contact Mike Markowski to discuss your heritage concerns.

(306) 370-9972