Atlheritage Services Corp.  

"To provide outstanding service to our clients while engaging with stakeholders, documenting human history; and, preserving and recording our cultural and built heritage."

Atlheritage is a private and locally owned heritage consulting and stakeholder engagement/consultation firm based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Our teams combined academic, field and business relations experience makes us a leader in the services we offer.  Most importantly, we pride ourselves in our commitment and customer service we provide to our clients.

Atlheritage's services (Heritage + Archaeology) are provided through our Heritage Group to ensure our client's projects are completed to the highest quality.  To better serve our clients and to tailor our services towards our specialized engagement and communication services, Atlheritage has recently created a new Division - Atlwest Communications (  Our skilled team of professionals have extensive experience throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta in the services we provide. 

Atlheritage works closely with our clients throughout all stages of their projects and developments.  We invite you to contact Atlheritage and/or Atlwest to discuss your project or regulatory heritage concerns (e.g. Heritage Resources Impact Assessment) and your stakeholder engagement/communication requirements to ensure your project receives the expertise it requires. 

Behind our name

  • An atlatl or spear-thrower is a precontacttool used to increase leverage while throwing darts or spears.  The development of the atlatl increased the velocity and distance the spear or dart could reach.
  • Archaeology and Traditional Land-use studies.



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