Our Team believes in protecting and preserving our heritage for future generations.  We work closely with our clients to ensure regulatory heritage approvals and engagement and communication concerns are met well in advance of construction schedules.


HERITAGE GROUP MANAGER - Principal Archaeologist

HERITAGE GROUP MANAGER - Principal Archaeologist


Markowski, Mike - B.A. (hon.), M.A.

Mr. Mike Markowski, B.A. (hon.), M.A., is the Heritage Group Manager and Principal Archaeologist at Atlheritage.  With over 10 years of experience in the heritage consulting field, Mike Co-founded Atlheritage in 2015.

Having successfully completed over 250 Archaeological Resource Investigation Permits and project managed over 200 projects, Mike has gained considerable heritage assessment and project management experience.  Mike has worked on numerous projects related to the oil, gas, mining and forestry industries; as well as, highway, railway and infrastructure projects throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. 

Throughout Mike's career, he has been diligent with engaging interested parties, groups and committee's with their heritage concerns.  Through this process Mike has gained valuable experience regarding the interview process (e.g. approach, traditions, offerings), arranging public and private meetings and the ability to successfully document and record interviewee information and concerns.  The results of Mike's work have resulted in a Provincial Heritage Site designation, discovering and managing several archaeological sites, avoidance of traditional sites and recognition and protection of traditional used areas (e.g. ceremonial, hunting, trapping, fishing, historic cabins). 

ATLWEST COMMUNICATIONS Director of Communications

ATLWEST COMMUNICATIONS Director of Communications

Schiele, Brad - B.sc, B.A. (hon.), M.A.

Mr. Brad Schiele, B.Sc., B.A. (hon.), M.A. is the Director of Communications at Atlwest Communications.  With over 8 years of experience working as a Public and Indigenous Engagement consultant, Brad has developed extensive knowledge in industry and community relationship building, regulatory processes (EIA), strategic development plans and procurement strategies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  For the past 14 years, Brad has developed an extensive business background through owning and operating a residential development firm in Saskatoon, SK.  Using his  consulting experience and business background, Brad co-founded Atlheritage in 2015. 

Brad is also a certified Public Participation Practitioner with the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).  Over the course of his career, Brad has worked on numerous projects related to the oil & gas, mining, forestry, highway and infrastructure developments throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.  Brad has developed Engagement/Consultation Strategy plans for major projects including potash mines, oil & gas developments, transmission line projects and urban/rural sewer and water projects.  To date, Brad has engaged with over 42 First Nation communities throughout the prairie provinces on various projects. Brad has also led multiple Traditional Land Use (TLU) and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) studies/projects in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, working closely with First Nation councils, elders and knowledge keepers. Brad has also developed procurement strategy plans for both First Nations and non-First Nation communities for multiple clients. 

Brad has an extensive background in the non-for-profit sector sitting on numerous local and national boards.  Brad is the Founder & Chair of the Angels & Friends Foundation Corp., and Vice President of the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society (CASS). 




Stoffel, Eliann - BSc. (hon), M.A

Miss Eliann Stoffel, B.Sc. (hon.), M.A. is an Archaeologist at Atlheritage.  Having recently completed her Master's of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Eliann has gained considerable heritage consulting experience, working mostly on large-scale mitigation projects across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

Eliann's focus throughout her post-secondary education was predominantly on Plains Archaeology specializing in the identification of stone tools, lithic material and bone elements and species.  She also has extensive public outreach experience to both youth and the general public in the subject of Plains Archaeology.  Through this work, Eliann has gained valuable knowledge in local history, archaeological site distribution and artifact types across Saskatchewan, including the boreal forest.


Butcher, Colleen - DiplBA

Miss Colleen Butcher (DiplBA) is a Communications & Marketing Analyst at Atlwest Communications.  Colleen is a communications professional with 5+ years of experience and has  extensive experience working with Community Groups, Indigenous Groups and Not-for-profits. 

Throughout Colleen’s career she has gained experience in community investment, public relations, sustainability and marketing in the mining industry. She has gained the skills working with external stakeholders in the First Nation communities, non-profits, charitable organizations and mining communities. Colleen has gone through Indigenous Cultural Competency training and promotes change within individuals, the workplace, organizations and the community. Colleen has excellent communication skills, which enables her to relate and work with various types of groups and stakeholders.