Regulatory Heritage Requirements

Atlheritage works closely with environmental consulting companies, engineering firms, land agents, surveyors, municipalities and private developers to complete your regulatory heritage requirements such as Heritage Resources Impact Assessments, Historic Resources Impact Assessments, Archaeological Impact Assessments, and engagement and consultation concerns.

Oil and gas

Atlheritage's highly trained and experienced staff have assisted many oil and gas companies meet and exceed regulatory approvals - such as Provincial and Federal Legislation, and Indian Oil and Gas Canada - on time and on budget. We understand that the oil and gas industry is demanding and competitive, so for this reason we efficiently and effectively obtain regulatory heritage clearance well in advance of construction schedules. 

Oil and gas


Our staff have been involved with numerous mining developments including working on environmental impact statements, baseline studies, public and First Nation engagement projects, and HRIAs for mining related infrastructure including drill pads, access roads, and lay-down areas.

Whether its gold, diamond, or uranium mining in the north or potash or coal mining in the south, we have the proper training, equipment, and experience to meet all heritage regulatory approvals and engagement requirements.


Atlheritage has worked on a wide variety of infrastructure projects including transmission lines, wind power projects, pipelines, and fibre optic lines as well as municipal roads, highways, bridges, and lagoons. Our project portfolio includes infrastructure work in the north, central, and southern areas of the Prairie provinces.


Gravel Exploration and Gravel Pit DevElopments

Atlheritage works closely with Rural Municipalities, private developers, and gravel crushing companies to effectively and efficiently complete their Heritage Resources Impact Assessment requirements on time and on budget. Our staff have extensive experience completing Heritage Resources Impact Assessments, including monitoring requirements for gravel exploration projects, throughout the Prairies. 


Atlheritage has been involved in numerous forestry related projects in north and central Saskatchewan and are very familiar with the Fort a la Corne, Nisbet and Pasquia-Porcupine Forests. Our experience includes Heritage Resources Impact Assessments, post-impact assessments, monitoring and the successful completion of mitigation plans for silviculture projects. In addition, we have completed extensive Traditional Land Use studies and have successfully documented and presented concerns highlighted by First Nation communities.

Cemetery Management

Atlheritage believes cemeteries are an important part of our history and that management is crucial to preserving this history, commemorating our ancestors, and planning for future internments and cemetery use. When properly managed and commemorated, cemeteries can provide a sense of pride within communities.

Cemetery management

Unfortunately, many cemeteries have no plans, poor records, and unmarked graves, making future internments problematic. To help alleviate these issues, Atlheritage offers cemetery management with both active and abandoned cemeteries. Our key services include archival and historic research, inventory of existing grave markers through photographing and mapping using GPS and cemetery databases, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to identify unmarked graves and determine cemetery boundaries and provide detailed mapping (e.g. known graves, unmarked graves, areas recommended for future use).

Public and Indigenous Engagement

Atlheritage continually strives to create professional relationships built on trust and respect with all groups of people including Indigenous peoples, local communities and municipalities, corporations and all levels of government. 

Our objective is to foster business development and build strong relationships between groups of people either directly or indirectly involved with a particular project. We recognize that stakeholder and Indigenous engagement is increasingly becoming a critical element of many projects in Canada, regardless of its size and complexity.

Atlheritage is familiar and has experience engaging with diverse communities. We have successfully arranged community and private meetings to document and record interviewee information and concerns. 

Community and aboriginal Engagement

Subdivision Development

Subdivision Developments

Atlheritage has been involved in a wide variety of land development projects led by private developers, and urban and rural municipalities throughout the Prairies. Our experience includes commercial and residential subdivisions, recreational subdivisions (e.g., lake developments, campgrounds, boat launch, parking lots). 

We ensure all regulatory heritage requirements (Heritage Resources Impact Assessments) are completed on time and on budget.