Aberdeen Community Cemetery Project

Atlheritage completed a cemetery management project for the Aberdeen Community Cemetery, located approximately 35 km northeast of Saskatoon.  The cemetery management project involved a review of the cemetery’s history; a detailed examination of cemetery records and maps; re-surveying the cemetery; completing a GPR survey to identify unmarked graves; and creating a functional database for both historic value and to adequately identify and record future internments.

In summary, the Aberdeen Community Cemetery consists of a total of 329 graves (Note: some graves may contain multiple burials).  Of these 329 graves:

  • 219 Graves:  Marked graves with headstone or other grave marker present;

  • 105 Graves:  Unmarked graves confirmed with known burial record; and

  • 5 Graves:  Potential unmarked graves without known burial record.

The Aberdeen Community Cemetery Project demonstrates the significance of employing a cemetery management approach towards cemetery preservation and commemoration.  Completing and implicating the results of a cemetery management project will allow the Town and RM of Aberdeen to effectively manage the Aberdeen Community Cemetery.