Financial Aid for University of Saskatchewan Students Studying Archaeology, Anthropology or Indigenous Studies

Atlheritage strives to provide the highest quality services to our clients and that would not be possible without a team of well-trained professionals.  The University of Saskatchewan has a strong reputation for producing professionals in a variety of fields of studies including Archaeology, Anthropology and Indigenous Studies.  Our archaeologists have all obtained their professional education from the University of Saskatchewan and can attest to the value of their education. It is because of this education that we, like so many other U of S graduates, have become successful in our field and continue to prosper. 

Atlheritage believes in giving back to the communities we work in.  As a small token of appreciation to the education that we have received, the professors we studied under and an institution that continues to produce high-quality professionals, we wanted to find a way to give back as a thank you and to ensure students have the opportunity to continue their education in Archaeology, Anthropology and Indigenous Studies.

It is with great pleasure that Atlheritage will be offering financial aid to two individuals who are pursuing an education and/or career in the study of Archaeology, Anthropology or Indigenous Studies.  Atlheritage will be offering an annual Undergraduate Scholarship and a Graduate Research Grant to students studying in the fields of Archaeology, Anthropology or Indigenous Studies.  

For more information, please download the applicable files.